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Project Vitalus

Project Vitalus is a third-person shooter that allows the player to explore spherical worlds and collect alien lifeforms and their body parts to be used as unconventional weapons. This game is currently being developed using UE4, and I am acting as the project lead, as well as the lead programmer. There are many systems that I've worked on tirelessly in this game including third person controls on a spherical surface with gravity, a full procedural animation system that uses single key-frame poses for character animation, a weapon modification system with modular weapon behavior components, enemies and objects that break into usable items, and a spherical tile-set system to generate and modify planets. 

This project is still in development, and more in-depth and frequently updated progress can be seen on the team's YouTube channel: here

Blog Here

Achilles the Space Pirate

"Achilles the Space Pirate" is a VR game made in Unity as a final project in my VR Game Development class at DePaul University. It was mostly an experiment with character movement in VR. The player uses the headset to tilt the environment, and change the direction of gravity. This mechanic allows the player to use gravity to propel themselves through a hostile space station, as well as eliminate enemies with an array of environmental hazards.


I wrote all of the C# scripts for this game, developed all of the mechanics, and performed the voice lines for Achilles himself. The Music was composed by my talented classmate, Cason Jolly. Additional modeling was done by Alexandra Scheithauer and Raist Majere. Some models were found on the Unity asset store, and the environment was created using ProBuilder.  


"Marooned" was created as a final project for a Unity scripting class. This was my first attempt at scripting advanced aiming mechanics, Artificial Intelligence, character animations, creating weapons that use inherited classes, and other various mechanics such as jet packs and blending animations. 

*The models for the spaceships and enemies were found on the unity asset store, and the character model was provided by the instructor of the scripting class.

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